artists at
Bude Folk Festival

Bude and Stratton, N.Cornwall
23-26 May 2008

so far:

Anne Lister - Les Sullivan - Hamish Currie
Cornwall Songwriters - Willow - Thorn & Roses - Elowen - Hermione Swinford
Carole Etherton & Andrew McKay - Hilary Ward - Hilary & Jerry Bix - Kathy Wallis
Friggin' Riggin' - Hanging Johnny - No Fixed Abode
The Oggle Band - Jim & Mary McKay - Alan Whitbread
West Country Concertina Players - Three In A Bush - Herbaceous Border Morris
Kevin & Lucy Burrow & The Cavaliers Ceilidh Band
Rob Semple

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Hilary & Jerry Bix

Jerry & Hilary Bix run Bideford Folk Club at The joiners Arms on a Thursday night. They are a great duo, combining Jerry’s great wit and ability to act out a song, with Hilary’s soaring, soulful and melodic voice. They will have you rolling with laughing one minute and weeping into your beer the next. A not to be missed act. They also run Bideford Folk festival, so if you fancy another folk festival in August, I am sure they will bring information with them!

Kevin & Lucy Burrow
The Cavaliers Ceilidh Band

Kevin & Lucy, for their sins run Bude Folk Club, Kevin is a fine singer, who has a powerful voice, fantastic for belting out shanties and chorus songs, but he is able to temper that to sing gentler melodic songs fit to melt any maids heart. He is also a bodhran player and was once described at a session in Ireland, as the finest skin player in County Waterford. Lucy is a singer / songwriter who loves singing long sad ballads, although she does try hard not to depress the entire audience! She also plays the violin, harp and penny whistle. Kevin & Lucy sing both solo and together, and play together with Jerry Tuffley on tenor banjo and octave mandola and Gordon Burrow (Kevin’s Dad – a spring chicken at 78) on melodeon in The Cavaliers Ceilidh Band, with Kevin’s Mum Valerie as caller.
Cornwall Songwriters

Cornwall Songwriters is an alliance of songwriters living in Cornwall. They are part of an increasing Cornish Presence in the national folk scene. Their songs are sung from football terraces to arts centres. The songs are relevant and popular, as shown by the grafitti of Roger Brytant’s ‘Cornish Lads’ at South Crofty. The song is an anthem for many Cornishmen and the start point of the new show of the same name. The current Songwriters line-up, for the new show, which goes on tour just after the festival is:

- Jon Heslop who became well known during the miners strike of 1984 through his song ‘Old Soldiers’.
- Mike O'Connor - a well known fiddle-player, accompanist and story-teller, and a writer of powerful songs.
- Lucy Burrow who joined the team for Unsung Heroes, a powerful and experienced writer and performer.
- Kevin Burrow who joined Unsung Heroes as an understudy, and is now an established team member.
- Ron Openshaw, singer and guitarist from the Lizard.
- Di Franklin, newest member of the team is both singer and songwriter.
- Roger Bryant, the man who wrote Cornish Lads – ‘nuff said!
Hamish Currie
"He has a superb style of presentation and a wonderful way with words that makes you hang upon every line he sings." - - St. Valentine's Folk Festival

"Accomplished showman Hamish Currie gave a lively and highly entertaining performance. He developed terrific rapport with his audience through wit, charm and cleverly chosen and superbly delivered material." - - South Lakes Music Promotions, Ulverston
Reinterpreting the traditional music of Cornwall, the British Isles and further afield with fresh and beguiling contemporary harmonies, the four members of Elowen (Kernewek for 'elm-tree') hail from Lostwithiel and Camelford, having wended their way West from places as diverse as Brighton and Burnt Oak. Three voices, sometimes alone, sometimes embellished with guitar, violin, percussion and woodwind, explore themes of loss and longing, of lovers sundered and reunited, with the odd cross-dressing mariner or highwayman thrown in for good measure...
Carole Etherton &
Andrew McKay

Andrew McKay and Carole Etherton are singers and musicians, currently living near Swansea in South Wales, UK. Andrew is also making a name for himself as a songwriter, drawing inspiration from historical tales of Swansea, its industry and maritime traditions. Increasingly, his songs (new songs of old times) are being taken up and recorded by other singers. They sing mainly traditional-style songs either with or without concertina accompaniment. Also recently-composed songs, which sound like they're traditional, some of which they write themselves. They also sing a selection of Music hall songs.

Friggin’ Riggin’ Bude’s Lifeboat Crew, grand job though they do are famed for more than just rescuing those on the sea, they have managed to raise vast amounts of money playing all over the westcountry for the RNLI . Their repertoire is mainly Irish, Cornish and songs of the sea and they are a popular local act, drawing regular crowds at The Falcon Inn, where the band’s lead guitarist is also landlord.
Hanging Johnny

Hanging Johnny are a group of singers based in Plymouth in Devon and East Cornwall, who specialise in presenting Shanties and Sea Songs from the great age of sail together with contemporary sea songs. They sing both with instruments and unaccompanied and positively encourage audience participation. They have performed at Maritime Festivals, Music & Arts Festivals both at home and on the mainland of Europe and in pubs, clubs and theatres in Cornwall, Devon and other regions of the United Kingdom. Many festival goers will have also seen them busking, running pub sing-arounds and performance workshops as well as in concert.

In the year 2000 they were the proud ‘runners-up’ in the prestigious ‘Stan Hugill Trophy’ which is contested by Shanty Crews from all across Europe (& sometimes further afield). Competition takes place at various European Maritime Festivals and consists of singing in concert, in addition to singing whilst working at the rigging, capstan and brake windlass, or at the pump. They have been appointed official Shanty Crew to the Dartmouth Yacht Club, as far as they know, the only yacht club in England to have its own Shanty Crew!
Herbaceous Border Morris
Herbaceous Border is a travelling border morris side which invites everyone to join in, either as dancers or as musicians. They appear at various folk festivals, but the biggest presence is at Sidmouth Folk Week, where these pictures were taken.
Anne Lister

Anne has been writing songs ever since she can remember, and performing in UK folk clubs ever since she was first able to persuade a barman to serve her with orange juice. Anne works mostly solo, although she teams up with Steafan Hannigan from time to time for recording (he has worked on all Anne's four albums) and occasional touring in the US.

Her current career includes storytelling, workshops on voice (for those who think they can't sing), creativity and storytelling (for those who lack confidence) and songwriting as well as concerts. She has finally left her full time teaching post and is hoping to tour more widely and more frequently in the US, as well as in the UK and Europe. The singing, storytelling and workshops have taken her to an enormous variety of venues and audiences, from small intimate folk clubs and house concerts to much bigger events at folk festivals and larger concert halls, and to France, Italy, Greece and Spain as well as the US. Anne's work always attracts attention - songs which take myths and legends and weave them into a new relevance. Songs which pack a surprising emotional punch through the ancient tales. A simple, direct approach to performance, laced with liberal doses of humour and a close rapport with the audience. Entertaining and informative, with a careful blend of traditional and contemporary references. Celtic, Saxon, Norman and European plaited into one variegated braid - not a bad heritage!
Jim & Mary McKay Jim and Mary are local folk club members, Jim plays concertina and guitar and Mary plays guitar and sings the most wonderful songs. A fantastic flavour of the Bude folk scene
No Fixed Abode

No Fixed Abode are fronted by Una Walsh singing in her own lilting Irish accent and Tony Dean supporting on acoustic guitar. Based in Derbyshire No Fixed Abode have traveled all across the UK over the last three years building up a solid reputation performing at festivals and acoustic clubs. Their new album Clearwater, due for release 10th April 2007 is an eclectic mix of songs ranging from the pure voice/guitar arrangement of Call Me to a full folk rock sound of School Days with emotional stops all along the way. US radio stations have already spotted the potential of the album and are regularly featuring songs from the album on their play lists.The album features a number of local musicians including Ashley Hutchins of Fairport Convention fame on bass and the violin virtuoso Patrick Walker from Sheffield. To define a musical style for No Fixed Abode is as difficult as getting a politician to give a straight answer to a question, try Joni Mitchell meeting Bruce Springsteen and having a jam after a bottle or two of wine. If you like your music to have a melody with lyrics you can hear and sung in tune then perhaps this is the best definition you are going to get.

The name No Fixed Abode stems from the fact that Una comes from Ireland and Tony comes from Manchester and they live in Derbyshire, it also reflects their musical style, eclectic.At this point it is usual to boast of achievements, all too often the build up leads to a disappointment. No Fixed Abode have an old fashioned idea not currently popular that the proof is in the listening so they have made three tracks available to listen to at www.myspace,com/musicnfa You can also see a video of them performing an acoustic version of there song Absent Friends. If you are not on the web they will send you a four track demo free! In this current climate of safe jaded music take the time to give No Fixed Abode a listen and refresh your belief in real music.

“Una’s voice soars mixing tender emotions and raw power into a heady mixture, the interplay between Una and Tony is absolutely charming” - John O’Regan Irish Music Magazine
The Oggle Band

A vibrant Dance band fusing traditional music with elements of jazz and world influences. Last year they kept us on our toes with the fantastic Sunday night Ceilidh, and they are back for more of the same. I defy not to tap your toes at the very least! Enjoy!
Rob Semple
Rob Semple is the landlord of the Tree Inn and a champion highland piper to boot. Hear him strut his stuff at the end of the Friday and Saturday night concerts! – Rousing stuff indeed!
Les Sullivan
Les came to folk music in 1990 attending singarounds after which he decided to start composing his own songs. He tells the story himself "every time I went to a singaround someone would stand up and sing the song I had been rehearsing over the last few days so I decided to write my own”. Now, unfortunately, this has backfired as people stand up and sing his songs, many of them unaware that Les wrote them. He has twice been the winner of Maidenhead Folk Club Song Writing Competition and Mudcat Best Non-Commercial CD 2005.
Hermione Swinford
Hermione Swinford’s approach to folk song from the British Isles is traditional, often unaccompanied or with a simple celtic harp accompaniment, drawing inspiration from the original context of the songs and the history of their collection. Hermione's grandmother Ruchla was a folk singer and her cousin Lionel Rocheman, a Yiddish singer in Paris, have been a source of inspiration. Hermione’s interpretation of Yiddish folk song is also heavily influenced by the English traditional style, producing absorbing reflective versions of the songs that draw out their elemental emotional qualities.
Thorn & Roses
Fantastic 3 part harmony trio from Cornwall, comprising of Rowena Metters, Sylvia Fletcher and Jinks Jenkin are very well known on the Folk Circuit. Their soaring harmonies have been likened to angels voices and their humourous repartee make them a not to be missed act. Last year we missed them due to illness but we are well blessed to be able to welcome them to Bude this year make sure you see them!
Three In A Bush Resident at The Tree Inn on Friday evenings Three in a Bush are play mainly Irish and bluegrass - and occasional songs.They are another popular local act worthy of a listen.
Kathy Wallis

Her voice has been described as, "Silver light falling out of Heaven and trickling down your spine" and can be heard silencing rowdy pubs, stunning singarounds across the country. Her repertoire is equally amazing, spanning everything from newly written songs through music hall, blues and jazz to traditional folksong. Then there is the storytelling. A teller in the Bardic tradition, she is steeped in the fabric of the legends of Cornwall, such a delight to listen to in these days when storytelling seems to consist mainly of the telling of elongated jokes. Her proficiency is shown by the fact that she held the Sidmouth International and Chippenham Festival trophies at the same time - the latter for three years running and which she now holds in perpetuity! Added to her talents is her entertaining and somewhat idiosyncratic approach to being an MC. You should experience her running a Saturday Night Singaround at least once in your lifetime!
Hilary Ward

Having relatively recently ‘discovered’ folk singing in 1997, Hilary (Hils to her friends) spends much of her spare time on the fringe at folk festivals and supporting local clubs, intent on encouraging others, listening and collecting songs. A welcome visitor to Bude last year, we are delighted to again have her swelling the ranks here in 2008. As organiser of ‘MudGathers’ at various Folk Festivals, she is known as ‘my guru always said’ on the worldwide music discussion forum: Hilary’s love of stories shows through in her collection of unusual ballads and traditional songs, which she normally sings unaccompanied. Her wide repertoire also includes many songs from contemporary artists with subjects ranging from the sad to the hilarious. Share the songs and be ready to laugh or shed a tear. Bring some tissues anyway, just in case…..

West Country
Concertina Players
WCCP is a club that aims to promote interest in all types of concertina playing and music, to provide tuition for beginners and facilities for players to meet regularly in the West Country. The Society has been running successful concertina workshops and meetings since 1983. We now have members from all parts of the UK and the World who enhance the club with the wide variety of music that they play.

We also have an historical technical interest in concertinas thus with our members and their knowledge can answer most questions to do with the history and manufacture of Wheatstone and Lachenal instruments.

In addition to the bi-monthly meetings at Ruishton, WCCP runs two residential weekends each year at Kilve Court, which feature tuition for beginners, improvers and advanced players. These weekends feature, beside the workshops a lively social scene of dance, concerts and bar sessions. WCCP also runs workshops at the Sidmouth and Weymouth Folk Festivals. Constructive workshops are the key to all events and all abilities are welcome, especially absolute beginners.
Alan Whitbread

My first love is for traditional English song & music but my repertoire also includes some great songs from other traditions and more recent compositions. While I learnt my trade as an unaccompanied singer, I now also relish playing on one of my English concertinas, both on its own and accompanying my singing. I enjoy the formality of singing at festivals & folk clubs and I am happy to go a long way for my singing: for instance, at Easter 2007, I sang at the Canterbury Folk Festival in Christchurch, New Zealand. Not only that, I relish the rough & tumble of singing in pubs, where I mostly perform well-known songs, such as Lincolnshire Poacher, Drunken Sailor, My Grandfather’s Clock and You are My Sunshine. I have also played cabaret spots at formal dinners, singing such rousing songs as Jerusalem, Swing Low Sweet Chariot and Over the Hills and Far Away. In addition, I have performed English song & music at junior schools, playing & singing a mixture of traditional English tunes & songs and talking about English folk traditions, such as morris dancing and mummers plays.

I love singing sea songs & shanties, being a member of the Shellback Chorus and the now defunked shanty crew, Navy Cut. I have sung at folk & maritime festivals all over the UK, as far apart as Edinburgh, Lancaster, Great Yarmouth and Portsmouth, as well as in Holland, New Zealand and the USA. My interest in morris dancing has meant that I am a member of several teams. In recent years this has led me to play and sing at large international festivals in China, Estonia, Inner Mongolia, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine and the USA.

The English concertinas I play are my pride and joy, being a Lachenal Tenor/Treble Edeophone with metal ends dated c1920 and a Wheatstone Baritone with wooden ends dated c1903.
Willow Are a 4 part ladies acapella harmony group from the St Cleer on Bodmin Moor, their repertoire is very broad and their songs are presented with good humour and big smiles, another bit of local spice to add to the cooking pot!