For a Friend
Written for Paul Gunningham
9 May 2007

Paul died in hospital from a heart attack
at 8:30am on Tuesday 29th May 2007

(Although Paul never heard the tune, he had the lyrics read to him by Frankie, his wife. Frankie is certain that Paul understood and was "quietly delighted to have his own song".)

Can you hear me, mate?
I would have been here earlier, I'm sorry I am late.
The motorway's a bitch today, the car park's in a state.
Can you hear me, mate?
But you don't want to know about my own problems now,
I'm here and I will stay as long as matron will allow.
And I'll ignore the bandages, pretend it's a disguise.
And I'll ignore the monitor, just look you in the eyes
And I will talk to you
I will talk for you
I will talk of you

Can you hear me, mate?
Graeme and Gina send their love, and Sue and Alan too.
The guys in the pub ask every day for news of you.
Can you hear me, mate?
Last night we raised a glass to you and talked about old days
And yes, we trotted out all the tired old clichés
Of how you talk, and how you smile, and how you tell a joke
And Steven was all tearful, though he said it was the smoke.
And we drank to you
Yes, we drank for you
We drank of you

Can you hear me, mate?
I am embarassed and that's why I seem to hesitate, but
There's something that I need to say to you, that cannot wait
Can you hear me, mate?
I could have told you long ago, I should have done and all, for it
was you that had the accident and I the wakeup call.
So I'll just say this one thing now, don't mean to be a bore:
I loved the times we had and I look forward to some more.
I will sing to you
I will sing for you
I will sing of you